Reducer miljøpåvirkningen ved at optimere din transport

Does choosing to make your business more sustainable equal higher cost? A sustainability leader in stainless steel, Outokumpu shares their vision to be customer's first choice in sustainable stainless steel.

Outokumpu is the sustainability leader in stainless steel. Their vision is to be customer's first choice in sustainable stainless steel. The company is continuously seeking ways to further improve the efficiency and to minimize the environmental impacts in their Operations and Supply Chain. Transportation plays a vital role in Supply Chain, where still big gains can be made with regards to sustainability. Making a step-change in their transport network, they have a clear aim to reduce emissions and maintain high service level towards their customers.

Find out how Blue Yonder’s Transportation Management System (TMS) enables Outokumpu to drive an environmentally friendly transportation program.

Watch the video >> here

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