83% af organisationerne har øget deres investeringer i forsyningskæden ifølge Blue Yonder-undersøgelse

Undersøgelsen fremhæver COVID-19-pandemien, Brexit og et pres for at være mere bæredygtig som de største udfordringer for fremtiden, når organisationer søger at styrke deres forsyningskæde.

LONDON, Feb. 21, 2022 -  New research from  Blue Yonder  found that 97% of organizations faced disruption over the last 12 months. Factors outside of company control and the resulting consequences varied from company to company, with organizations facing customer delays (59%), stalled production (44%) and staff shortages (40%). As a result of this disruption, the supply chain has become a priority for nearly two thirds of businesses (63%). 

The research, conducted by  3Gem  on behalf of Blue Yonder, gathered insights from 250 supply chain decision-makers from the UK. It found that they are unsure about what the future holds, with 37% of organizations concerned about the long-term implications of the COVID-19 pandemic on the supply chain. This is followed by Brexit (24%), a pressure to be more sustainable (19%), the changing regulatory landscape (12%) and a lack of investment (7%). 

"Businesses are right to feel concerned when it comes to their supply chain ," says  Wayne Snyder, Vice President, Retail Industry Strategy, EMEA, Blue Yonder.

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