Alcyon digitises its complex international transport activities with Zetes

The leading distributor of veterinary products in France, has chosen ZetesChronos, a state of the art proof of delivery solution, to track its products throughout the delivery process and enable total, real-time visibility of all its transport operations.




Paris (France), 18 January 2022 – Alcyon, the leading distributor of veterinary products in France, has chosen ZetesChronos, a state of the art proof of delivery solution, to track its products throughout the delivery process and enable total, real-time visibility of all its transport operations. By digitising its delivery processes, Alcyon will be able to track all of its process flows whilst ensuring an unbroken cold chain to protect its sensitive products.

The Alcyon group is a leading distributor of veterinary products, with more than 20,000 catalogue items. The company provides the daily delivery of essential veterinary products (medication, equipment, and pet food) to veterinarians throughout France, Belgium, and Italy. Shipping thousands of packages every day, the company has decided to implement the ZetesChronos software solution to digitalise its delivery process and manage shipments more efficiently.

A solution that satisfies the toughest traceability requirements

The Alcyon group’s delivery operations face a number of complex challenges, including handling sensitive products like vaccines in cold storage, ensuring a last-mile delivery that sometimes includes multiple levels of handling (distribution site, regional platform, subsidiaries, etc.), and even guaranteeing the traceability of deliveries via different carriers that often use very different transport management systems. It was critical that these could be addressed by ZetesChronos.

100% of needs covered with ZetesChronos

Eric Vanthournout, Logistics and Transport Director at Alcyon, explains: “The ZetesChronos solution covers 100% of our needs and tracks all of our deliveries for any customer or any mode of transport. Information is uploaded immediately and the data is centralised via a collaborative platform. As a result, we can guarantee real-time tracking, check to find out if the products have been delivered at any time, and, if necessary, inform our veterinary customers of any delay or delivery problem. "

Complete digitisation for real-time visibility

The ZetesChronos software will be complemented with robust, intelligent hardware to ensure complete traceability of the containers used for delivery. Around 150 portable terminals will be used to equip Alcyon's delivery agents, enabling real-time communication between head office and those on the road. Connected probes will also be installed for the purpose of taking regular temperature measurements in the lorries, ensuring an unbroken cold chain. “With ZetesChronos, the customer benefits from a tried and tested solution with a wide range of features, enabling real-time visibility and complete management of their transport activities,” says Marc Vukovic, Business Development Manager for ZetesChronos at Zetes.

Above and beyond Alcyon's expectations

With this systematic and fully centralised uploading of data, Alcyon will be able to carry out more rigorous monitoring and detailed analysis of the data according to carrier type and geographical area, particularly in the event of incidents, thus providing concrete, tangible service rate figures for each of its customers. “With the Zetes solution, we will also be able to track all our delivery containers to prevent the loss of plastic containers, which costs us tens of thousands of euros a year.” concludes Eric Vanthournout.

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