Arla Denmark: Our planned delivery times are now much more reliable, thanks to ORTEC

Arla is one of the largest dairy producers and distributors in the world. It is a farmer-owned enterprise that aims to grow the value of their milk throughout the supply chain.

Challenges: At Arla, 300 vehicles deliver dairy products to approximately 3000 customers on a daily basis. Time windows to make these deliveries are extremely tight, due to strict customer agreements. Providing transparent delivery schedules to customers is a high priority within Arla.

ORTEC Routing and Dispatch for operational planning and execution This planning tool supports Arla’s daily planning process. Integration with both SAP and mobile provides the planner with an accurate and up-to-date planning overview.

ORTEC Tactical Routing for the creation of master routes and “what if” scenarios
State of the art algorithms support the tactical user in the fast recalculation of master routes and other planning scenarios.

+ Approximately 8% reduction in total kilometers driven after implementing new tactical routes
+ Clients experience a more reliable and accurate ETA
+ Time spent calculating a new tactical plan reduced by 50%
+ Delivery quality improved on the whole, resulting in less customer complaints and
support hours
+ Modern and stable technology platform

“One of the focus areas within Arla’s Supply Chain is the customers intimacy program. Thanks to ORTEC we’re able to provide trustworthy information towards our customers; the foundation of this program”.
Uffe Pedersen,
Manager Distribution Arla Denmark

19.05.2021ORTEC Nordic


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