Data Quality And AI Business Value: Iteratively Solving A Chicken-And-Egg Problem

This contributed story by Dr. Michael Feindt, strategic advisor with Blue Yonder, originally appeared in Forbes on Sept. 22, 2021. Excerpts from the story below.

What came first: artificial intelligence (AI) value off the back of strong data or data value off the back of AI?

This “chicken and egg” conundrum is not only a headscratcher for businesses contemplating the future role of machine learning (ML) in their supply and demand planning. More often than not, it's actually proving to be a  reason - or excuse - for not investing in ML's capabilities at all.

The thought process is that, just like the "chicken and egg" cliché, there's no right answer. Therefore, investing in AI comes with a gamble that it will not work because the datasets will not be strong enough to optimize the technology.

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