Freezeserve: Advanced cold relief with ORTEC

A saving of 70% on operational costs from day one: that is just one of the outcomes resulting from the implementation by Freezeserve, one of the most advanced cold stores in the United Kingdom, of a revolutionary solution from ORTEC and SPIE.

Freezeserve knew what they wanted; at least 13,000 pallet spaces in a building with imposed size limitations, with the capability to move 600 pallets within an eight hour shift, all in a freezing -28°C environment! Terry Haigh, Operations

Director said “We chose the OptilogX system because we needed to make maximum use of the space that we had, the system maximizes storage with the static racking, so we’ve got 13,500 pallets from the OptilogX system whereas their nearest competitors were only offering 9,500 pallets”. Thanks to the warehouse solution from ORTEC and SPIE, the UK’s most advanced cold storage

facility is now moving a record number of pallets. The new system has enabled Freezeserve to break their logistics records and in its first full month of operation it facilitated an incredible 23,401 pallet movements. Terry Haigh, comments: “This system is simply superb.

The system has been installed with great success for Freezeserve, which operates at -28ºC within our 4400m ²/15m high cold store. By using this solution, we achieved a cost benefit which amounted to around a 30% saving in the total construction costs against creating a building to house a conventional racking system. In addition, the system delivers a significant on-going operating cost saving, which is certainly something worth having. Total costs savings amount to as much as 70% of our operational costs.

“We are delighted with the results of this partnership. Our customers are also seeing knock-on benefits from the new system, partly due to better levels of order accuracy.”

Employees are very satisfied with the new way of working too. The software is easy to maintain and use, and issues and errors are detected straightaway. If something is wrong, the system indicates precisely where the problem is, so the issue can be quickly resolved.”

Before using the OptilogX Freezeserve was struggling with the trade-off between storage density and throughput capacity. “Thanks to this advanced solution the building has up to 95% utilization floor to ceiling, while the throughput capacity has increased. So, effectively the question of a trade-off no longer applies. They are also able to respond to changes in demand i.e. to handle peaks on time. At peak times, trucks are still loaded and unloaded very quickly as a result of the powerful and very cost effective combination of a large automated storage facility and the OptilogX”, comments Terry Haigh of Freezeserve.

Learn more about the results created at Freezeserve by downloading our customercase 

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