GUD Filters transforms distribution centre inventory counting with ZetesMedea

GUD Filters, South Africa's leading automotive filter brand since 1949, optimises its warehouse operations with the ZetesMedea Full Pallet inventory solution. By harnessing the benefits of machine vision technology, this innovative approach promises to safeguard stock integrity and elevate efficiency levels in the distribution centre.

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Inventory accuracy with minimal disruption

GUD Filters, in its pursuit of operational excellence, was looking for a solution to streamline its inventory management processes. The challenge of accurately maintaining stock levels amidst the distribution of a diverse product range prompted the search for a solution that could enhance efficiency without disrupting service. This led to the adoption of a more sophisticated approach to overcome the obstacles of frequent and labour-intensive stock takes. "The biannual shutdown for wall-to-wall stock counts was a clear indicator that a change was imperative to enhance our operational efficiency and service delivery. The challenge was to find a solution that would allow us to maximise our floor space with narrow aisles," comments James Naidoo, IT Divisional Director at GUD Filters.

Innovation and Efficiency

In response to these challenges, GUD Filters chose to implement ZetesMedea. The solution includes a fork-lift mounted with ImageID station that captures data and automates the pallet counting process, enabling rapid, accurate data capture. 

Our decision to adopt ZetesMedea was based on Zetes' proven track record, the robustness of their technology, and our shared commitment to operational excellence. comments James Naidoo, IT Divisional Director at GUD Filters

A Partnership rooted in trust and forward-thinking

The selection of Zetes as a technology partner was influenced by a longstanding relationship characterised by trust, reliability, and continuous innovation. ZetesMedea Full Pallet Inventory has successfully substantially reduced the time required for stock counting, significantly enhancing warehouse productivity and operational agility.

Enhanced operational efficiency and customer satisfaction

Integrating ZetesMedea into GUD Filters' operations marks a pivotal advancement in the company's quest for operational excellence and superior customer service. "We are poised for a future where our warehouse operations are more efficient and aligned with our commitment to delivering excellence to our customers. ZetesMedea Full Pallet Inventory has set us on this path," concludes James Naidoo, IT Divisional Director at GUD Filters.

Learn more about Zetes Machine Vision solution and download our FPI brochure here!

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