Pizza Hut increases picking efficiency by 30 percent with ZetesMedea Voice

Pizza Hut, one of the largest restaurant chains in the world, selected ZetesMedea Voice picking to increase operational flexibility and performance in their logistics centre in Israel.




A tech based solution

Pizza Hut, one of the largest Pizza chain restaurants in the world and international franchise, was founded in 1958 in the USA. In Israel alone, the company operates through 97 branches. Previously, all the picking process for dry and frozen products in their Israeli logistics centre was done manually, using a paper-based method. The company decided to implement ZetesMedea Voice, untrained and multi-modal voice-based solution, to improve their logistics execution, reduce operational costs, and increase flexibility by allowing easy onboarding of temporary staff.

Working hands and eye free and minimising the risk of picking errors

ZetesMedea Voice works with a wide range of warehouse technology and mobile devices allowing workers to keep their hands-and-eyes free to focus on the items they need to pick and confirm these back to the system. It utilises an intelligent voice agent and speech recognition software to direct associates through their tasks. Operators at Pizza Hut can now easily process the orders and avoid errors that used to highly affect overall productivity. Today, equipped with the ZetesMedea voice directed picking system, average order picking times have been reduced by almost 3 times in comparison with the previous method.    

Yossi Kolton, Logistics Manager at Pizza Hut, comments: “Since working with ZetesMedea we’ve been able to make significant improvement in our logistics centre: we’ve reached 99.6% in order accuracy and gained close to 30% in the overall picking efficiency. The solution is now fully adapted to the operational work environment and thanks to its user-friendly and intuitive features, it has enabled us to achieve great results rapidly.”

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