Prévoté transforms inventory management with the ZetesMedea Full Pallet Inventory solution

Logistics and transport specialist Prévoté announces a major advancement in its inventory management through the adoption of the ZetesMedea Full Pallet Inventory Solution. This initiative represents a pivotal step in Prévoté's digital transformation journey, reinforcing its commitment to operational efficiency and enhancing customer satisfaction.

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Addressing a major challenge - inventory management

Confronted with common challenges frequently encountered in inventory management, such as labor availability, error risks, and prolonged stock immobilization, Prévoté identified the opportunity to adopt a faster, more accurate, and more efficient approach. Thus, the company turned to Zetes, a specialist in supply chain optimization solutions, to implement a solution utilizing machine vision technology. The adoption of ZetesMedea Full Pallet Inventory (FPI) now facilitates streamlined, automated inventory management.

Advancing towards automation

The integration of this innovative technology aligns with a broader strategy to modernize all facets of the company's logistics operations. Barcode identification has been seamlessly incorporated into each stage of the process, spanning from goods receipt to order preparation and storage. This meticulous identification ensures precise and immediate traceability of pallets, thereby enhancing visibility of all stock-keeping units.

The machine vision solution for 3D image capture

The FPI system comprises a Zetes ImageID Station equipped with cameras providing instantaneous image capture of 1D/2D barcodes. This solution accurately identifies all pallet codes and their respective locations, enabling fully automated warehouse management. Mounted on a forklift truck, the system navigates through different aisles, representing an optimal mobile solution for stock and inventory management. With its magnetic base ensuring perfect stability and sensors and radar detecting any obstacles, operator safety is guaranteed.

A 100% successful major upgrade

This upgrade reflects the company's continuous dedication to meeting and exceeding customers' expectations. With this automated inventory solution in place, Prévoté can readily address any audit requests by accessing its database and image repository at any given time. This serves as an excellent method for strengthening trust with its commercial partners.

"We have significantly increased our productivity, going from 100 to more than 600 pallets per hour to inventory our stock." Laurent Ricaux, Logistics Director at Prévoté

Productivity soars sixfold

Mr. Laurent Ricaux, Logistics Director at Prévoté, expresses satisfaction with the outcomes achieved through the Zetes solution: “We are very satisfied with the results obtained using the Zetes solution. In fact, we have considerably increased our productivity, going from 100 to more than 600 pallets per hour to inventory our stock. This major technological advance has not only improved our operational efficiency, but also strengthens our market position as an innovative and reliable logistics provider.”

ZetesMedea Full Pallet Inventory

The innovative ZetesMedea Full Pallet Inventory solution enables faster, higher frequency and auditable cycle counting. It delivers a fast ROI with high accuracy rates and real-time access to data & inventory intelligence.

Your benefits:

  • Real-time inventory data and high accuracy rates > 99.8%.
  • Minimised inventory shrinkage, stockouts, aisle closures & prolonged shutdowns.
  • Improved on-time fulfilment KPI/SLA metrics
  • Enhanced revenues due to fewer stockouts and lower inventory write-offs.
  • Improved warehouse worker availability
  • Reduced health & safety burden during audit process

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Prévoté transforms inventory management with the ZetesMedea Full Pallet Inventory solution



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