Wall Street Journal: True Value Retools Hardware Supply Chain with JDA software solutions.

The supplier is remodeling its distribution network - adding JDA software technology to become nimbler in a competitive home-improvement market.

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"Hardware wholesaler True Value Co. is retooling its supply chain in an effort to respond more nimbly in a home-improvement market that is being buffeted by e-commerce and competition from big-box retailers.

To improve the way it predicts demand, True Value is adding technology from JDA Software Inc. so it can adjust inventory levels more quickly, particularly for goods with highly variable demand like seasonal, promotional and weather-related goods. The software incorporates detailed information daily so the company isn’t relying on monthly forecasts.

In the Midwest, where the hub-and-spoke model went live at the end of last year, the software has helped boost the first-time fill rate to 99% from 97%.

“The tool allows us to look at the demand, look at the timing of the orders and replenish more effectively,” Mr. Hartmann said. “If a customer orders 100 products, not having one [item] is way better than not having three.”

More accurate forecasting also helps regional managers better predict how many people they will need to pick, pack and ship orders, he said, a key issue in a tight labor market where warehouse operators report difficulty recruiting and retaining workers."

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