The GoPal Solution at AVK Gummi

Photo: Robotize.




In short

AVK Gummi produces high-performance rubber components for various industry sectors at their facility in Laasby, Denmark.

As part of their LEAN and Industry 4.0 initiatives, AVK Gummi decided to deploy a GoPal solution. The GoPal 400 Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) transports pallets with tools from the tooling department to different machines in the production area. This optimizes the tooling flow, thereby freeing up staff to remain at their machines instead of making runs to and from the tooling department.

The GoPal solution is also responsible for moving finished goods from the production area to the shipping department.

The challenge

AVK Gummi was looking for an easy, fast, and safe solution to automate their in-house transport and improve their internal logistics. “In terms of safety, it is an improvement on regular forklifts. The robot is very careful around staff”, says Kresten Krogh.

The solution

AVK Gummi invited Robotize to test drive robots on their premises very early on in the GoPal product development phase, and this close cooperation has now led to the implementation of a GoPal solution

The GoPal AMR is easy to use, fast to install, and safe among people. These characteristics brought significant benefits to the internal pallet transport department at AVK Gummi. “Both operation and maintenance have been simple so far. We are already profiting from having automated our internal pallet transport”, says Kresten Krogh.

The company is already planning to extend the cooperation with Robotize even further. “In the future, we would like to get more collaborative robots which can work together”, says Kresten Krogh.



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