Seal of Quality for WITRON: “Innovative through research”

Parkstein, Germany. In addition to commitment and customer focus, innovation is perhaps the most important cornerstone of WITRON’s success.

The best-known proof is the “Order Picking Machinery” (OPM), the patented fully automated picking system that sets benchmarks in food retail logistics across the globe with more than 850 COMs sold in 58 projects so far. WITRON, being one of the leading providers of innovative storage and picking solutions, consistently relies on research and development. For this reason, the family-run business has now been awarded the seal “innovative through research” by the Association for the Promotion of Science and Humanities in Germany”.

„It is our daily ambition to develop innovative and cost-efficient solutions or enhance existing solutions and components based on specific market requirements in order to create measurable benefits for our customers”, explains Martin Stich, Technical CEO at WITRON. The head of the development team working in the “Logistikhof” is company founder, Walter Winkler. “It is a great honor for the outstanding achievements of our committed employees to be part of this important research listing and to carry along this seal of quality”, Stich is pleased to announce.

The Association for the Promotion of Science and Humanities is the largest private sponsor of science in Germany. In addition to its commitment for academic recruits, universities, and top-level research, the Association also investigates and evaluates the German research and innovation system. The quality seal “innovative through research” is the result of statistics kept on research and development activities in German companies, which are collected annually by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

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