It takes more than sound technology and know-how to plan and realize the best logistics systems.
For more than 40 years, WITRON has been developing highly dynamic and innovative logistics and order picking systems for retail and industry. Logistics systems that generate sustainable competitive advantages for our customers.
Planning and realizing the best solutions is dependent upon a variety of diverse factors. A consistent approach and loyalty to the company's "Down-to-Earth" culture are the foundations of credibility and commitment for which WITRON is renowned.
Our customers understand that we are committed to exceeding expectations and fulfilling the trust placed in us. Being faster and better than the others, taking over responsibility, being credible, keeping promises, and working with passion - these are supporting pillars of a unique company philosophy, a philosophy that is reflected in the exceptional architecture of our company buildings.
To date, WITRON has successfully realized more than 2,000 logistics projects in different business sectors. It is not without good reason that WITRON is one of the most innovative market leaders worldwide. We pave the way for our customers' decisive logistic advantages in the conceptual stages of system design. Only through design, realization, and the service of a system is it possible to take over real system and functional responsibility.
We can revert to the permanent feedback of our entire performance scope as general contractor (design, realization, service, system operation, mechanics production) and benefit from a considerable increase of competence with each individual project. This customer focus and the permanent "ear to the market" ensure a continuous improvement process that leads to logistics systems adapted to the market needs and that set the benchmarks - benchmarks regarding cost-efficiency, ergonomics, and economy. Logistics systems that provide sustainable competitive advantages and distinguishing features for our customers.
Since its foundation in 1971, WITRON has continuously grown. There have never been lay-offs or reductions in working hours due to insufficient project opportunities.
For many years, numerous top companies throughout Europe and North America have relied on WITRON's solutions to successfully and cost-efficiently operate their distribution centers. The high number of existing customers (80%) - that means customers that have already realized two or more logistics systems with WITRON - shows how satisfied the customers are with WITRON.


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