S&OP MasterClass

How the best Supply Chain Professionals align Sales, Production & Purchasing in their Planning

Foto: Perito Consulting

The communication between Sales, Production and Purchasing
in planning has always been problematic:

  • Sales present over-optimistic or wildly fluctuating plans without regard to production capacity, lead time etc.
  • Production and Purchasing works with its own independent plans out of sync with Sales Forecast.

The result:
No-one trusts the sales budgets, stock outs result in lack of sales, and customer satisfaction declines. Or the opposite: Inventory levels are too high, and you waste space, internal resources and bind capital in unnecessary stock.

The Solution:
The best supply chain professionals actively work on aligning sales and operations. They build up trust in the sales forecast, they help transform the forecast into actual planning in purchasing and production and they use tools & automation to succeed.

Thereby avoiding the unnecessary inventory build up, the stock outs and ALL that negative energy that comes from inefficient processes and stand-alone planning. Let us show you how they do it. Sign up here

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