project44 launches Women’s Development Program to amplify diversity & inclusion in the logistics technology industry

project44 aims to empower women through community, coaching, learning and conscious growth.

The logistics and technology industries have long struggled with gender diversity. Although women comprise 41 percent of the supply chain workforce according to an analyst firm, they account for only 15 percent of the executive roles. Stock photo / 123RF.

project44, the leading supply chain visibility platform, today announced the launch of its Women’s Development Program, an initiative to empower women and build a strong work community. The six-month program, which kicked off on November 8, will provide monthly 1:1 coaching, skills development workshops and community-building events for participants. project44 will run the Women’s Development Program twice a year and welcomes applicants from all its global offices. 

“The Women’s Development Program is one of the most exciting milestones in project44 history”, said Jett McCandless, CEO of project44. ​“We’re making this investment because we believe in supporting women and gender diversity in the work we do every day. The women participating in this program have unique skills that have already been invaluable to our growth and success as a company. Empowering women leaders is a crucial step toward creating a more diverse and inclusive culture at project44 and throughout our industry”.

The logistics and technology industries have long struggled with gender diversity. Although women comprise 41 percent of the supply chain workforce according to an analyst firm, they account for only 15 percent of the executive roles. Moreover, in a study of more than 500,000 technologists at leading U.S. companies, the nonprofit found that women hold only 28.8 percent of the total roles and just 3.9 percent of CEO positions. Although representation of women is improving in both industries, closing the leadership gap will require conscious efforts. 

The project44 Women’s Development Program supports participants with 1:1 coaching to further their impact at project44, accelerate soft skills development and create fulfilling career opportunities. The coaching sessions will focus on building self-awareness, developing leadership capabilities and maximizing team performance. The program is remote-friendly and open to any project44 team member who identifies as a woman, meaning individual contributors outside of management and leadership roles can also participate. Team members based in the United States and Europe are participating in the inaugural program. 

project44 has partnered with Ama La Vida, an innovative career, life, health and leadership coaching company, to provide participants with professional coaching and skills workshops. Founded and led by women, Ama La Vida has extensive experience with executive leadership development. The Chicago-based company has worked with some of the most respected corporations and universities in the world. 

“Growth at project44 is a constant”, said Ivana Savic-Grubisich, Director, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Culture at project44. ​“1:1 coaching is a transformational experience requiring self-reflection and self-awareness, traits we seek to bring into our daily work. I’m thrilled that our first cohort will have this individual and group journey filled with lightbulb moments, challenges and accomplishments. This program is bringing together project44 talent from around the world to inspire innovation for our global supply chains, from a diverse perspective, at a time when it is needed most. We believe in our women and the impact they will have on the future successes at project44”. 



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