Bedre Øl ved hjælp af Blockchain

Oracle arbejder med Alpha Acid Brewery for at udnytte blockchain teknologi via Oracle Intelligent Track og Trace til at dokumentere leverandører, produktion og distribution involveret i brygning af øl.

Alpha Acid Brewing Company Improves Brewing Process Supply Chain and Boosts Customer Experience with Oracle Cloud Platform.

Alpha Acid Brewing Company, LLC—a small brewing company located in the San Francisco Bay Area—tapped into Internet of Things (IoT) and blockchain technology leveraging Oracle Intelligent Track and Trace Cloud Service, built on Oracle Blockchain Platform, and Oracle IoT Asset Monitoring Application to provide end-to-end traceability of goods and transactions in its supply chain—reducing delays and automating record keeping. With Oracle Blockchain Applications Cloud, Alpha Acid can authenticate the ingredients in its unique beer blend and ultimately improve the end product.


  • Apply cutting-edge technology to the ancient art of beer making to help the company develop creative new blends and enhance relationships with suppliers and customers 
  • Ensure high-quality products with end-to-end supply chain continuity and traceability


  • Expanded supply chain visibility and control by setting up Alpha Acid’s hops, malt, and yeast suppliers on Oracle Blockchain Applications Cloud so they can sign off on details of each stage in the raw materials’ upstream process, from date of harvest to weather conditions to the malting of the barley
  • Elevated transparency and consumer experience by enabling customers to see which malt and yeast suppliers contributed to the beer they are drinking by scanning a QR code with their smartphones to access data from the secure blockchain records maintained by Oracle Blockchain Applications Cloud
  • Improved ability to ensure consistent product quality with expanded visibility into the ingredient supply chain, as well as the ability to capture and analyze sensor data, including temperature and pressure during fermentation, which affects beer’s flavor
  • Boosted customer engagement and intimacy with the ability to log on to the brewery’s Oracle-developed app to provide feedback on the various new beers the brewery produces each week—helping the company to see which combinations scored highest
  • Enabled Alpha Acid to monitor temperature and pressure during the critical fermentation process via smart phones, leveraging IoT sensors installed by Oracle Partner Relayr, as well as Oracle IoT Cloud Service and Oracle IoT Asset Monitoring Application—helping the team to carefully control the synthesis of yeast to achieve the fruity, buttery, spicy, or smoky flavors they seek

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