NRK to get faster and better analysis with Oracle Autonomous technologies

NRK is the Norwegian state owned broadcaster with 3400 employees and 50 subsidiaries across the country and a major player in the Norwegian media landscape. They produce independent, advertising-free content, and have a leading position on many media surfaces.

AUTHOR: Anders Løvøy, Oracle.

To stay within the resources provided by the Culture Department, the broadcaster needs tight cost- and budget control.

At NRK, HR and financial data are stored in a traditional Oracle database, and recently the broadcaster decided to move the entire data warehouse workload to Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud, including Analytics Cloud.

With a self-managed Autonomous Database, the analyst team can focus more on supporting the business. Automatic scaling and reduced manual database maintenance work will improve efficiency. Analytics Cloud gives better self-service analysis and machine learning improved insight.


The big advantage of using Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud is simplification of operations. Autonomous means that the system is looking after by itself, catering for operations and needs for change by itself. Resources can focus more on supporting the business needs.

The computing power needed is scaled automatically hence this means cost savings. In traditional databases, Database Administrators (DBA) would need to perform manual work to implement such changes.

Oracle Analytics Cloud is running on top of the data warehouse providing self-service capabilities as well as easy-to-use machine learning functionality for better predictions.

The consumption of Oracle Cloud is based on a flexible pricing model called ‘Universal Cloud Credits’.

This model improves the commercial service model significantly for NRK.


Espen Lyngra from Oracle Norway, a leading contributor to the process resulting in the modernization of the platform explains about the main advantages it has opened up for the customer.

- NRK saw the benefits of freeing up time used for manual labour by automating repetitive tasks. It also turned out that the hardware needed an upgrade. By moving to the Autonomous Cloud, all concerns about infrastructure became obsolete, at the same time as operations were automated says Lyngra.

In the phase leading up to the project, it also became clear that the current software was not running on the latest releases. The beauty of always being on the latest release was regarded important to NRK.

The shift from an on premise architecture to a modern cloud platform was supported by a solid business case, which ignited the cooperation in the first place.

In addition, the customer has discovered how AI and machine learning could support the business in new ways for the future. 

Promising results

A few months into the project, results are promising. Based on feedback from project meetings, Lyngra concludes that Oracle Autonomous Cloud technology is living up to the expectations.

-  We have not encountered any major obstacles, and so far, the product has delivered what its promises.

Sysco has been the implementing partner in the NRK project, and they are also impressed by the Oracle Autonomous Cloud:

- Oracle Cloud is easy to set up and user friendly for customers. We look forward to entering into the new markets with the technology, says Kjetil Myrseth, Department Manager at Sysco

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