Oracle Announces New Cloud Development to Break Down “Organizational Silos”

A new collaboration capabilities in Oracle SCM Cloud may enhance supply chain responsiveness and efficiency by bringing teams together

Oracle announced a series of new innovations to Oracle Supply Chain Management Cloud it says will help global organizations create more responsive and efficient supply chains.

Oracle’s SCM application was introduced to users at announced at the company’s “ Modern Business Experience” event in Las Vegas where thousands of practitioners convened to learn more about the company’s latest offerings.

According to the company, the latest updates will enable organizations to reduce costs and stay ahead of ever-changing customer expectations by connecting customer service and field technicians, aligning orders and invoicing with a project and/or organization, and improving orchestration of vendor-managed inventory.

“Organizations need an efficient and responsive supply chain to stay ahead of constantly changing expectations and that requires trust, transparency and open lines of communication across the entire value chain,” said Jon Chorley, chief sustainability officer and group vice president, supply chain management, Oracle.

In an interview with SCMR, he added that while transparency requires trust, the advantages outweigh risk.

“The new innovations within Oracle SCM Cloud help supply chain managers generate more value from their investment, build adaptable organizations, and lay the foundation for the coming era of blockchain-enabled supply chain transparency,” he said.

Oracle SCM Cloud is “scalable,” said Chorley.noting that organizations of all sizes may take advantage of the latest innovations in artificial intelligence, blockchain, and the Internet of Things across their supplier networks to enhance productivity, reduce costs, and minimize risk.

The latest innovations within Oracle SCM Cloud include:

  • Field Service Logistics: This new solution enables organizations to resolve customer issues by connecting customer service teams and field service teams. This connection enables customer service to order parts from within a service request, coordinate timely delivery, and manage service technician trunk stock.
  • Project-Driven Supply Chain: This new capability facilitates accurate and timely billing upon fulfillment by integrating and automating the tracking of project attributes and related costs from a sales order.
  • Supply Chain Collaboration: This new vendor-managed inventory assists with replenishment and ensures clear, accurate, and efficient engagement by allowing users to securely share on-hand quantities with selected suppliers.

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