DB Schenker first to run Volvo's fully electric powered distribution truck in daily traffic

Today DB Schenker received the keys to Volvo Trucks' first fully electric powered truck to be tested in daily traffic in Gothenburg.

– Electric vehicles are an extremely important part of our work to change towards a sustainable future, says Mats Grundius, CEO of DB Schenker in Sweden.

The truck is a Volvo FL Electric that will be manufactured on a small scale for the European market in the second half of 2019. The truck that DB Schenker is now testing is made for temperate food transports and holds 18 pallets.

– We will test the car in our real flow where the haulage company TGM distributes refrigerated food on behalf of DB Schenker to 13 Coop stores in the Gothenburg area, says Mats Grundius.

The battery capacity in the truck is customized for the current drive, in this case about 80 km. The battery will be charged overnight at DB Schenker's terminal in Gothenburg. If necessary, it can also be extra-charged during the day.

Those of DB Schenker's drivers who have tested the car at Volvos testing range especially appreciate the driveline that provides a fast and seamless acceleration, and the low noise level.

– Thanks to our close cooperation with customers and operators, we have in a short time developed electrified transport solutions that meet high demands on performance, mileage, load handling and efficient vehicle utilization. And we will continue to develop our electrified offering, says Volvo Trucks CEO, Roger Alm.

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