Giving back is part of DANX's DNA

Corporate social responsibility is of great importance to DANX and we strive to be a company that our customers and employees are proud of being associated with.




It is a big part of the DANX DNA to support charitable causes both for our employees but also in the world. We have donated money to charity cases that support cancer research, and organizations that support girls’ education in developing countries. At the summer party last year, we did a competition where the winning team won the price of choosing which charity case DANX should donate money to. They worked together and chose the Swedish charity case Barncancerfonden. DANX is a proud supporter of cases that makes a real difference for the people affected and cases within areas where there is a vital need for change. 

In 2016 the DANX management decided that they wanted to support the DANX employees too and because of that, they created the DANX foundation. The DANX foundation is a great opportunity for DANX to support not only our employees in all 6 countries but also the sports clubs they are part of. The foundation provides funding for our employees and their family’s sporting activities and provides them with opportunities they would not have had without the DANX foundation. Twice a year the employees can apply for the DANX Foundation sponsorship by filling out an application form. In the form, the employees need to explain how the sponsorship will help and what branding opportunities it has for DANX. Our foundation supports all kinds of sporting activities from the European Weightlifting Championship to children’s hockey and football teams located around the different countries. Because we are an international company it is important to us that all of our employees have the same opportunities. Equality is a key value in DANX and that is why the DANX foundation was created for all our employees, no matter origin, country or position. DANX takes pride in knowing that we are participating in charities that make a difference in the world and that we, on top of that, are creating opportunities for our employees and their families through the DANX foundation. 

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